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A global committee of experts dedicated to the elimination of canine rabies.

The International Rabies Taskforce (IRT) provides practical One Health expertise, resources, and guidance to support governments in planning and growing successful, cost-effective rabies elimination strategies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to prevent the tens of thousands of needless deaths that occur globally every year from canine-mediated rabies and by doing so relieve the burden the disease places on countries across the globe.

The IRT is committed to working towards the shared global goal of eliminating canine-mediated human rabies deaths by 2030.

Our Aims

Develop local capacity

We strengthen in-country skills by bringing together the local knowledge of key stakeholders with our own expertise from rabies campaigns across the world.

Every situation is different, however we work collaboratively to identify methods which work and fast-track the growth and success of rabies control efforts through training of staff at every level of project implementation.

Empower governments

We understand that governments must deliver effective and efficient activities which have a measurable benefit to the public. Our approach focuses on a step-wise scale-up of efforts, enabling the successful delivery of feasible campaigns which build on previous success.

We provide tried and tested tools which have been shown to enhance the ability to plan, implement and evaluate activities, maximizing the chances of success and progressive improvement.

Ensure sustainability

We ensure sustainability through working within existing government frameworks, training the local workforce, and providing crucial ongoing consultancy after the initial program.

Every staged expansion of the campaign is followed by evaluation of the outputs and impact achieved. We support in this process of review and refinement, producing clear and comprehensive reports in collaboration with local partners to share learnings with other stakeholders and to provide clear evidence for the best way to proceed towards rabies elimination.

Strategic Taskforce Partners

Mission RabiesUS Centers for Disease Control and PreventionMSD

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WVSThe University of Edinburgh

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