Our Framework

For rabies elimination to be successful, well-coordinated and systemic strategies need to be established across the globe.

The IRT has developed a clear and comprehensive framework for rabies elimination. Our framework aids understanding of the fundamental elements of an elimination program and how to implement an effective strategy that can be broken down into stages.


Rabies elimination requires the coordination of large teams of people to systematically vaccinate dogs across vast geographic areas. There are various challenges to achieving this. We work with governments to carefully consider and develop strategies to overcome these challenges prior to program implementation.


We support the implementation of pilot campaigns and beyond through provision of expert training from field staff to management level and equipping the campaign with state of the art technology to aid vaccination team direction and real-time campaign monitoring. This support enables the campaign to adapt to the field situation and ensure that relevant data is available to evaluate the successes and shortcomings to enable improvement.


We support the operational evaluation of pilot campaigns to estimate vaccination coverage, cost per vaccine delivered and team outputs as well as analyzing the geospatial reach of the campaign. This makes it possible to identify aspects which are likely to be effective at a larger scale and areas which need further attention to improve. These lessons are then used in planning expansion of efforts for the following campaign and so over time efforts can successfully scale nationally.

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